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European Waterways Map and Directory, subscription to 5th edition

David Edwards-May, Euromapping, 2014

Subscription to the 5th edition of our unique comprehensive overview of European inland waterways, also supported by leading waterway authorities and businesses. Receive a pdf proof and take part in shaping contents of the new edition, with its 64-page booklet in English, German and French. Pdf proofs supplied on order. Map delivered on publication end November. Plus Bonus! (click 'More details')

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Price: € 48.00

European Waterways map & directory, 4th ed.

David Edwards-May, Euromapping, 2013

4th edition of our popular map and directory. Map 1210 x 870mm, two sides. Front, from Ireland and Portugal to the Caspian Sea at 1:4000000; on reverse, the denser part of the network, from Dublin to Bratislava on the Danube, at 1:1500000. The 56-page booklet accompanying the map includes many colour photos and larger-scale maps of particular areas. Map legend in English, French, German and Dutch (booklet in English only).

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Price: € 19.00

Water-Way France

SatNav map, guide and route planner, published by EurEauWeb Ltd in the UK and distributed by Euromapping. Full navigation and service information for 9600km of waterways in France and Belgium, edited by David Edwards-May. PLUS basic route planning function throughout the 50 000km of waterways in Europe. Special offer in May 2014!

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Price: € 99.00

North American Waterways map & index

David Edwards-May, Euromapping, 2005

Ideal for Grand Circle cruise planning and exploring the routes and vestiges of the historic canals, this map is similar in style to the map of European inland waterways. Covers USA and Canada from Sioux City on the Missouri in the west to Maine, Quebec and Nova Scotia in the east, and from Lake superior to Miami.

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Price: € 22.00

Ireland's Waterways - map and directory

Ruth Delany & David Edwards-May, Euromapping, 2006

Third edition of the map of inland waterways which span Ireland from north to south and east to west, together with a concise directory. More than 1000 kilometres of navigable canals, rivers, estuaries and lakes, open for cruising holidays in hire boats or private craft. Published jointly with Ireland Waterways.

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Price: € 17.00

Map of the Inland Waterways of France

including the waterways of Belgium, the Netherlands and the Rhine

Complements the guide Inland Waterways of France, planning map at the scale of 1:1 500 000, completely recompiled by David Edwards-May and redrawn in the style of Euromapping's other reference maps, with much enhanced detail.  Enlargements for Northern France and part of Belgium, and Paris region. List of boat harbours.

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Price: € 12.00

UN-ECE Map of European Waterways

ONU, 2006 (produced by Euromapping)

This map, produced by Euromapping for the UN, is more technical than our European Waterways map, and will interest all those who are involved in or monitoring inland water transport. Two other maps on the reverse show the waterways classified by available draught and by navigability zones (determined by wave height).

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Price: € 20.00

European Waterways Map, 4th edition

David Edwards-May, Euromapping, 2013 (poster)

4th edition of European Waterways Map, printed on both sides, supplied flat in a roll. This poster is also available in folded map with directory (see separate product above).

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Price: € 25.00

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