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All waterways lead to Milan!

Euromapping is organising with its Italian partners, and in collaboration with the development agency Navigli Lombardi, the pre- and post-conference tours built around the 27th World Canals Conference (WCC) in Milan (September 1-4). See the outline programmes for these tours in our shop (pre-conference and post-conference).

The Conference offers a unique opportunity to meet key players in a wide range of developments on canals and rivers, from the smallest canals in historic city centres to high-capacity waterways needed for Europe to maintain her industries and survive world competition.

Italy is at the heart of contemporary trends in both areas, with ground-breaking projects on Milan's historic canals, as well as major investments currently under way or planned on the Ferrara waterway, the river Po and two canals - Venice-Padova and Milan-Cremona-Po - that have been left incomplete for 40 years!


Image of the new lock projected at Isola Serafini on the river Po, to allow commercial vessels to reach the city of Piacenza

Water-Way (France & Belgium)

Satnav guide to European waterways

The satnav guide Water-Way (France & Belgium) was produced by Euromapping in association with UK partner EurEauWeb Ltd. The guide (currently on Windows PC and tablets only) gives full information on services and attractions along the French and Belgian waterways (11200 km), as well as detailed mapping of West European waterway network for route planning (26400 km). For the wealth of information contained and the quality and frequency of updating, and its numerous functions - including basic route planning - this electronic guide will become the 'all-in-one' companion for long-distance boaters or towpath hikers and cyclists.

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Study tour Bohemia/Saxony

Euromapping organised in 2011 a unique tour to key waterway projects in Bohemia, Czech Republic, and Saxony, Germany. The study tour in April was directly related to the work of the EU Waterways Forward partnership project (2010-2012).

The Czech Waterways Directorate prepared this digital rendering of the projected transverse inclined plane downstream of Slapy dam (height 53m).

European Waterways Map

The 4th edition of our popular map and directory, with its 56-page directory by David Edwards-May, was updated with contributions and new material from throughout Europe. It provides information of value to all those who are interested in inland navigation, as a mode of transport, but also - for a growing number of enthusiasts - a way of life. The large (1210 by 870mm) sheet covers Ireland and Portugal to the Caspian Sea and one side and the denser part of the network, from Dublin to Bratislava on the Danube, on the reverse. Legend in EN-FR-DE-NL, while the booklet is in English only. Click here to order the product.

Inland Waterways of France

Imray, 2010

Euromapping participated in production of the 8th edition of David Edwards-May’s guide Inland Waterways of France. In his Introduction, the author discusses the questions of ownership and governance of the waterways that are causing much concern for user groups. This new edition has 320 pages in full colour, with detailed maps of more than 130 key sites on the network, and new versions of the useful overview maps for each waterway. The maps locating fuel points and waste-water pump-out facilities will also be valuable for route planning. Evocative colour photographs make the book attractive to browse through.

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Roubaix Canal Blue Days

Blue Links was a leading EU-funded programmes for canal restoration. Euromapping played a key role in this project by coordinating communication and events leading up to reopening of the Roubaix-Espierres Canal to through navigation in June 2011. A major event and boat rally, Blue Days, took place on 18-20 September 2009, and the canal was opened for about 2 weeks to allow boats to assemble on the canal's summit level.

In partnership with the Lille communication agency Cargo Plume, Euromapping was responsible for communication, events and coordination of a group of experts to ensure transnational (and international) collaboration and transferable project outputs.

French waterway guides

The waterway guides published by Les Editions du Breil, founded by John Riddel 20 years ago, are ideal for the detailed view of the inland waterways, thus complementing the overview provided by Euromapping's map and the guide Inland Waterways of France (8th edition). 18 guides cover almost the entire waterway network in France. The Rhône guide is now available. Click here to see the full catalogue.

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WCC 2014 & tours

Our thanks to all delegates at the WCC 2014 in Milan who used the on-line registration, and to our clients for the pre- and post-conference tours, which were rich in experience and gave insight into the current situation of the Italian waterway system.